About Us

Peak Point Consulting Group is a consultancy firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our core purpose is to help organizations improve their bottom-line by increasing the productivity of the work force.

We proudly offer a unique and innovative bouquet of consulting and training services. A trail blazing management consultancy firm, born of the desire to understand the challenges faced by organizations in the African region, Peak Point Consulting provides solid and pragmatic solutions.

We are experts in the areas of strategy, project management, donor funded project management support, performance management, supply chain management and training.

Why choose us

Project Management Consulting

We focus on driving business value, ensuring the required strategic outcomes and benefits of a project are achieved. Peak Point can help clients get back rapid, well informed decision making and effective communication channels on projects.

Training Services

Our training courses and workshops are designed to develop the skills, knowledge and practice needed to build the competence required to manage projects successfully. Our sessions are customized to your organization, so that you get to see firsthand how tools and methods are applied.

Supply Chain Management

Peak Point Consulting is a leader in Supply Chain Training and Capacity Building. Our experienced team in this field is focused on equipping organizations and their supply chain management professionals with best practice management and leadership skills.

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