Project Monitoring, Control and Evaluation

21st century organizations face a long list of challenges from personnel reductions, tight budgets, rising costs, increasing security risks and ever-increasing competition for funding. As varied as they are, however, those challenges all point to one fundamental development imperative – improve project impact.

To deliver impact, a project team has to do much more than just “work harder”, it has to increase the way it solves new problems by rapidly introducing new management processes and technologies; learn new skills and tasks quickly; and increase efficiency to continuously reduce operating costs. At the same time, the organization must be able to manage and support the same level of efficiency across all projects.

Peak Point Consulting understands that such efficiency is the result of many complex, interrelated factors, ranging from technology and processes to culture and incentive and reward systems. To drive efficiency, development organizations must address those factors in a holistic fashion. And they must ensure that those factors come together at all three levels of the organization; from the organizations top management to the project team and the individual, in order to create a complete efficiency-enhancing environment.

The success of every project depends on the ability of organizations to build a project management culture, organizations need to identify the functional and technological gaps and develop the solutions to achieving those goals. The primary focus of our consulting services is to partner with you to gather information, explore options and identify solutions that will make an impact at your organization.

Peak Point – No matter how effective your project and program management efforts are, they can always be improved.

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The Project management training helped me to become a better business partner for my organization, capable of leading complex projects with confidence and expertise. I collaborate more effectively with others and understand the business challenges of digital transformation, high-paced innovation, and sustainability.

Patrick Kadenya
Project Manager, Finacial Services, Equity Group

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