Project Audit & Review

Project Audits are the assessment of a specific project or group of projects for a client. Audits are done against the project management methodology adopted by an organisation or against international project management best practices such as PMBOK® Guide. The Audit report produced can be used as a basis for improving the project management practices on the specific project or to improve project management in the organisation.

The project reviews are done to determine whether the project plans that were developed during the planning process are adequate and fully integrated. This is usually done before a gate review takes place.

Peak Point – No matter how effective your project and program management efforts are, they can always be improved.

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The Project management training helped me to become a better business partner for my organization, capable of leading complex projects with confidence and expertise. I collaborate more effectively with others and understand the business challenges of digital transformation, high-paced innovation, and sustainability.

Patrick Kadenya
Project Manager, Finacial Services, Equity Group

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